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About me

I like functional programming, code puzzles, cloud stuff and high-tech products.

Over the years I have done both back-end and front-end development, using different languages, runtimes and frameworks. Top contenders are (in no particular order): C#/.NET, Java, Kotlin, F#/.NET, Javascript, Typescript, React, Spring Framework, Apache Flink, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Serverless Functions and Gatsby.js.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and I have professional experience in different projects ranging from enterprise software, e-commerce platforms, service applications and machine software at companies like Philips Hue,, Imperial Brands, The Sting and ASML.

In my free time I like to ride my motorcycle, listen to all sorts of music, snowboard and play couch co-op / board games. I write about stuff that might interest me, or things that I have encountered in my work or hobby projects.

Blog posts

Jan 19, 20213 min read

Advent of Code 2020: Having fun with F#

They promised me fun and profit when using F#. I have to say, they were right.

  • Programming Challenges
  • Functional Programming
  • F#
  • Advent of Code

Sep 14, 20171 min read

Debugging Go concurrency issues

Today I Learned: Go has a built-in "race detector" which helps you catch race conditions in production code. The Go toolchain really is awesome!

May 30, 20173 min read

Running Redis Cluster on Kubernetes

If a single-node Redis is not enough for your scaling needs, consider using Redis Cluster. Note: this guide is probably outdated.

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